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With All My Heart

Friday, March 4, 2011


Well, long time no blogging.  Sorry for the absence but I forgot how demanding life really is with a new born.  Okay, I have a lot to tell you so here it goes.

Let me start with Seth.  Seth is doing much better with his driving.  I am really having a hard time accepting the fact that he is old enough to be out driving.  Seth is still very active with his youth group and I am so very proud of him for that.

Patton has started baseball season and is doing really well.  He loves baseball and right now he is one of our best pitchers.  He are having trouble with him right now with his grades.  Not bad grades just not putting forth effort to make the grades we know he can.

Landon is my little sunshine. I do not ever have to worry whether or not I will have a hug and a kiss from him.  He hugs me all the time and when I get home from work he most always meets me at the door.  He has officially started baseball also.

Jacob is doing great.  He just turned 3 and is a handful to say the least.  I haven't quite figured out why they call it terrible 2's because from my experience it should be terrible 3's. 

Tiny is doing wonderful.  If a newborn can be spoiled he is.  He LOVES to be held and with cry until you do hold him.  His hair follicle drug screen came back negative, PRAISE GOD.  His mom is doing good.  She has a job and is trying to get her life back on track.

Now back to Jacob.  Like I said Jacob just turned 3 and every year on his birthday his BM calls him but not this year.  She never called at all.  As always, I started worrying about her so I called her to check on her and we had a very good conversation with each other.  Basically though I think she has decided to close this chapter of her life.  We discussed her not calling Jacob and that he didn't know now but later as he got older he would know whether she called or not.  If you remember we did agree to allow her to continue to be a part of Jacobs life but she has decided that it is just too hard.  She explained to me that she wants him to know that she loves him very much but not through seeing him and talking to him.  She just wants me to always tell him.  I explained that I understood and that it was completely up to her but that she had to choose, she either has to be totally in or she has to be totally out.  I will not allow her to make him feel rejected by just coming in and out of his life whenever she chooses.  I respect her decision and I wish her the best. 

 Adoption will never change the fact that I did not give birth to him and that he does have a biological mom out there somewhere.  I will always be Jacob's mom and nothing he can do or say will ever make me stop loving him.  I will support Jacob in whatever decision he makes one day as to whether he wants to find her or not.  I am not sure what he will want to do but I trust that God will guide us through that chapter of our lives with Jacob just as he has done thus far.

Foster care and adoption is not easy but honestly I am so glad God called me to this mission and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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  1. wow. you know what? i am proud of his bio mom. i think she has done what is best for now and YOU are definitely making sure that she is clear with what is acceptable. that is awesome. maybe some day, in the far off future things can be different, once he is a grown up.


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